Petly is available now!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Petly – your personalized pet health page! We have decided to move away from our current pet portals and upgrade to Petly, a new system we are very excited about.

So what exactly is Petly? We like to describe it as a single place for everything about your pet. With your upgrade, you’ll have access to a ton of great features, including:’

  • Pet Health, Centralized
    Keeping your pet healthy has never been so easy! Review your pet’s health records and more. Request an appointment or order a prescription online. Petly is designed to let you access your pet’s health resources when you need them most.
  • Your Pet’s Appointment Information
    View up-to-the-hour information on future appointments. Know when to arrive and what to expect at each appointment.
  • The Latest in Pet Health
    Find informative articles about the latest in pet health from the Pet Health Network. From medical articles to behavior tips, breed information to breaking news about tick borne diseases and food recalls, the Pet Health Network has it all to help you keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible.
  • Get Social!
    With a live Facebook feed, see the latest in pet-related news, learn about deals and offers, and stay in touch.

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